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Seminar 09.MK2

Marketing Management II (Concentration Product Development)


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                        This Seminar is one of the courses leading to the  BBA and MBA  as described in our Home Page

  Says Dennis Boh Tuang Meng of Singapore (textual words):
This scheme is a genius idea. People from the world over and of different races are able to enroll. The honorable truth is in the affordability of the program which is within the reach of many average people. I am especially fond of the conversational method of tutorial i.e. lessons are designed on the basis of Writer and Student relationship. This is a true-to-life warm, friendly and conducive approach to learning.

Product Development has any variations: a restyled product, one that has additional functions and/or applications, a line extension –such as a new flavor of ice cream; even a downgraded product has to be marketed as a new product, since the target market is probably going to be different. And of course a company will consider the launching of a product it did not market before as a "new" product, regardless of the fact that many very similar products may already be available.

In this Seminar you will learn:

  • Pricing goods and services
  • Product development and Management: new & existing products, services
  • Wholesaling, Retailing and Physical Distribution
  • Selecting and Managing Distribution Channels
  • Sales promotion, advertising and publicity
  • Personal Selling and Sales management
  • Maintaining Competitive Advantage
  • Developing a Marketing Plan: The case of AquaMarina Inc.
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