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Executive Seminar 01.EBN

Effective Business Negotiation


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                        This Seminar is one of the courses leading to the  BBA and MBA  as described in our Home Page

Says Jayaram Devkumar, a software engineer with a degree from Visvesvaraya institute of Technology, Bangalore, India living in the USA:
The course material was excellent and easy to understand, especially I like the student/teacher approach. I tell the people who are interested in doing online MBA course that the approach & technique used is excellent and understandable.

Says Mr Aung Min, training and development director at Educational Development Institute (Cambodia):The course has been  a great experience. The staff are really supportive, very friendly and ready to help. AmbaiU is a great place to study.

  "Everyone is involved in negotiation on a daily basis on both a professional and business level. Understanding the techniques of  successful negotiations will help you understand and react to other party's interests while protecting your own and reach a  beneficial agreement."

In this Seminar you will learn:

  • Negotiation Basics

  • Planning a Negotiation

  • Establishing objectives

  • Planning a Strategy

  • Forecasting Future Consequences of a Negotiation

  • Defensive Planning

  • Different approaches to Negotiation Practice: Streetwise Tactical Ploys (STP) / Principled Negotiations / Negotiation as a phased process

  • The People Factor in Negotiations: Personality
    The People Factor in Negotiations: Behavior

  • Handling Difficult Negotiations... and Difficult Negotiators.

  • Case Study: Dealings between Red and Blue types of negotiators over the purchase of an airplane

  • A to Z of Negotiating tactics, including ploys, bluffs and tricks.

  • Cases: Dealing on purchases of cars, insurance. Bidding on construction contracts and Negotiating with people of different cultures. Negotiating the construction of a turnkey manufacturing plant.

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